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Why UC management is a business must-have

The nature of work is changing, and unified communications gives organizations a competitive advantage to keep up with new business and employee needs.

A UC deployment can help solve communication and collaboration challenges, improve productivity and provide cost savings. But poor application and network performance, and other issues, can negatively affect user adoption of a UC deployment.

That's where UC management comes in, according to Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst at ZK Research.

Organizations that want adoption success must deploy UC management before implementing a new UC system or application, Kerravala said.

Deploying UC management tools offers significant benefits for organizations. One benefit is that these tools shift the focus from reactive to proactive management.

"Ultimately,” Kerravala said, you need to set a baseline in order to be "able to understand how the environment changes over time. Maybe there's no problem right now, but over time you can predict that a problem will occur and you can solve the problem before it actually happens."

Not only can UC management proactively address performance issues, but it can shorten time to resolve a problem by as much as 90%, Kerravala said.

"My research shows the majority of time spent solving a problem is identifying where that problem is," he said. "If you have the right management tools in place, it can laser in on what's causing a problem, and you can greatly shorten the time to resolve a problem."

Watch this video to learn about the other challenges facing a UC deployment and the ways that UC management can address and solve these challenges.

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