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WebRTC and its impact on the enterprise

Web Real-Time-Communications (WebRTC) is highly hyped in the Unified Communications (UC) industry today. While we're still at the beginning stages of the protocol, enterprises and vendors alike are bracing for the impact of ubiquitous voice and video over their networks.

At Enterprise Connect 2013, Vice President of Nemertes Research, Irwin Lazar, discusses the hype around this product. Lazar delves into what exactly WebRTC is, and what it could promise to enterprises.

"It's essentially voice and video capabilities added to a web browser without any plug-in, and that's the beauty and the promise of it," Lazar explained.

As far as the enterprise is concerned, WebRTC may be the key to simplifying the process of adding video to different applications. The product is based on a small part of code that is added into a Web application, and it then activates the ability of the browser to perform voice and video. With continued growing interest in customer-facing applications, this product is sure to be well received.

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