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Unlocking unified communications and collaboration benefits

Effective unified communications and collaboration (UCC) has become a must-have for enterprises. Workforces are increasingly dispersed and mobile, and employees need ways of better facilitating collaboration. Many enterprises are turning to UCC to support their workforces, which also increases productivity and cuts costs. But that doesn't mean that deploying UCC isn't without its challenges.

In this webinar, Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst at ZK Research, explains how effective UCC deployment gives enterprises a competitive advantage, how to approach deploying UCC and how to calculate tangible collaboration benefits.

According to Kerravala, there are three elements to UCC: foundational technologies like VoIP and presence, legacy elements like conferencing and email, and emerging elements like communications-enabled business processes (CEBP) and social media. It is vital for enterprises to have a basic understanding of these elements when preparing for and deploying UCC.

Enterprises must be sure they are using the right UC tools for specific collaboration use cases. Kerravala says which UC tool is the right one depends on the problem enterprises are trying to solve. If enterprises start by considering what the specific problem is, they can more easily see which collaboration tools to deploy.

Lastly, Kerravala says enterprises must learn how to calculate the benefits of deploying UCC. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to making these calculations, but he believes many enterprises will see benefits like reduced costs and improved decision making.

The top benefit organizations should be looking for, though, is improved corporate collaboration, according to Kerravala. Improved corporate collaboration means faster decision making, ad hoc collaboration and multi-channel communication. Budgetary benefits should come second -- that is, enterprises shouldn't focus solely on cost savings, because it minimizes the other values of UCC technology, says Kerravala. Cost reduction is a good place to start, however, because the budgetary payback of the right set of UCC tools allows enterprises to enjoy other benefits like improved productivity.

Watch this video to learn everything your enterprise should know to deploy and reap the benefits of UCC.

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