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UC cloud services ready for prime time

The nature of work is changing and unified communications (UC) has become imperative to supporting communication and collaboration within and outside of an organization. Organizations have the choice between traditional, on-premises UC and cloud-based UC. But it's cloud that best suits the needs of an increasingly mobile and dynamic workforce, according to Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst at ZK Research.

Many organizations struggle with deploying UC. According to Kerravala, 51% of organizations have a basic UC deployment that consists of voice and one other application. Deploying UC is complicated and most organizations lack the necessary expertise. Organizations are also concerned with the hidden costs that come with UC, making ROI unclear. Deploying UC cloud services can alleviate these challenges, Kerravala said.

Cloud-based UC is simpler and more scalable than on-premises deployments. It takes all the complexity that comes with a UC deployment and pushes it into the cloud. There is greater flexibility of deployments that comes with the cloud, as the IT department can scale the deployment up and down as needed. UC cloud services also promise higher uptime and better quality than on-premises deployments, thanks to redundancy and failover options for data and voice networks, Kerravala said.

Cloud provides greater support for mobile workers who need an anytime, anywhere connection to their business processes. Kerravala said worker productivity varies from location to location. He said 78% of workers feel at least 80% productive when working from their primary office. Productivity drops significantly as workers move farther away from the office. Kerravala said with a legacy UC system, access outside the office is very difficult and impacts productivity. Cloud-based UC can close the productivity gap by allowing workers to easily and seamlessly connect to their business processes.

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