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Keeping up with the revolution in conference room technology

The conference room of the future is technology-packed. In this presentation, Zeus Kerravala, of ZK Research, explains why multimedia content sharing is not just nice, not just cool, but is a must.

First, he reviews the factors that affect how your meeting room of the future should look. Things are moving beyond the legacy conference room or even the telepresence room. Now you have more options, but also more factors to consider. How much "huddle" space vs. large gathering room do you need? What information is likely to be shared, and how -- via projector or video displays, over the Web, via audio bridge or all of the above?

He delves deep into what the latest interactive whiteboards offer and how video is shifting to mobile platforms. You'll learn all about audio "fences" and the latest speaker tech, too.

The legacy conference room has been holding back collaboration and innovation. It's time to update with the latest innovations in video, smart boards, audio and other tech. The best strategy? A flexible one that allows for rooms of multiple sizes to suit all purposes. Watch this presentation, and learn how you can make your meeting space cutting edge.

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