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Improve collaboration with enterprise video

More employees are working away from the traditional office with 85% of organizations increasing their number of telecommuters, according to Nemertes Research. But there is a downside for telecommuters -- a lack of face-to-face engagement with co-workers and customers.

In this webinar, Irwin Lazar, vice president and service director at Nemertes Research, explains how enterprise video can alleviate these issues to improve collaboration and engagement among employees.

According to Lazar, the past two years have seen a push for enterprise video adoption, largely due to lower video costs, tight travel budgets and wider availability of HD video conferencing systems. Enterprises that adopt video to improve collaboration see benefits that range from better non-verbal communication to increased productivity.

Employee expectations are changing, Lazar said. Employees use video at home and want to use it at work. Lazar said in his research with Nemertes, many organizations reported employees are using consumer video services like FaceTime and Skype to perform their responsibilities.

Employee enthusiasm for video shows there is plenty of room for growth in enterprises. Lazar said in 2013, 72% of enterprises deployed video to less than 2% of desktops. But desktop video deployment is expected to grow considerably, with 71% of enterprises planning on deploying to the desktop.

But enterprises must do more than deploy desktop video -- the future of video is mobile. Many enterprises recognize the importance of integrating mobile video. Lazar said Nemertes often tells enterprises that mobile video deployment is just as important as desktop video. He said when enterprises think about the future of video in their organization, mobile is where they should be putting emphasis.

Watch this video to learn more about the ways video can improve collaboration in the enterprise and the technology standards that should be on your radar.

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