How could SDNs possibly have an impact on unified communications?

"Unified communications (UC) in some ways is a bit of a low hanging fruit for software-defined networks [SDNs]," said ZK Research founder Zeus Kerravala in a TechTarget interview at Enterprise Connect 2013, in Orlando, Fla. "UC requires a lot of dedicated and high-quality bandwidth … [and] SDNs can bring a high level of traffic engineering to the network that you may not be able do to with traditional network means."

One of the major messages that came from Enterprise Connect 2013 was the "softwarization" of UC. Traditional hardware vendors have become software vendors overnight to unify communications from an application standpoint. SearchUnifiedCommunications Site Editor Tessa Parmenter interviewed ZK Research Founder Zeus Kerravala about this softwarization and how software-defined networks could possibly impact UC.

What is SDN and how could it potentially impact UC? Find out in this video interview.

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