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Highlights from the Enterprise Connect conference expo floor

The 2014 Enterprise Connect conference saw a wealth of innovative products and services, from a social platform that lets HR personnel use video conferencing to recruit job applicants, to a WebRTC-based platform that allows for collaborative customer interaction. In addition to our conference highlight reel, find out more about some of the diverse and innovative product demos from Enterprise Connect's show floor.

Calabrio, Inc.: Calabrio ONE contact center software

Minneapolis, Minn.-based Calabrio showcased its contact center software Calabrio ONE, which offers several services, including call recording, quality management, performance management and speech analytics.

Gerry Johnson, Calabrio regional VP of solutions engineering, said contact centers can use the software to measure efficiency in three different ways: speech, application usage and text. All calls are recorded and can be analyzed to examine which key words were said and at what time during the call. "It might be a 20-minute call, but here are the 30 seconds that are interesting for you," Johnson said of how the software analyzes recorded calls.

Similarly, agents' emails and text chats with customers can be analyzed to determine popular keywords. Calabrio ONE also allows the contact center to analyze which applications agents are using, from Notepad to Internet Explorer, and how the applications are being used.

"That's a real time saver for a contact center to be able to evaluate the performance of their agents and track that over time in the dimensions of what are they saying, what are they doing and what are they typing," Johnson said.

OpenClove: HRLive video and audio WebRTC application

OpenClove created an application that makes it easier for human resources departments to recruit, screen, interview and make decisions about job candidates. The application, HRLive, uses WebRTC to allow HR personnel to send screening questions to job applicants, perform live video interviews and review the candidates.

"What we have done is brought the power of video and audio communications, put it into this HR application and made it easy for HR [personnel] to recruit people," said Shubh Agarwal, OpenClove VP of marketing and production management, of the Richardson, Texas- and India-based company.

HRLive has a social interface where HR personnel can review job postings and candidates. Each job candidate has a profile where a hiring manger or other personnel can contact the candidate, access information like a resume, initiate a live interview, take notes on the candidate and share the profile with others involved in the decision-making process.

HRLive was one of four winners at Enterprise Connect's Innovation Showcase, which recognizes emerging companies for creating products and services that improve enterprise communication and collaboration.

Tango Networks: UC federation service for mobile phones

Frisco, Texas-based Tango Networks showcased its UC federation service that allows mobile phones to connect to a PBX provided by manufacturers including Avaya, Cisco, Mitel and Nortel. The service is available via three mobile carrier products -- Sprint Mobile Integration, T-Mobile Office Connect and AT&T Office Direct.

"You make any mobile phone an extension of those PBXs, so enterprises can offer this to their workforce. They can offer BYOD solutions where you can have multiple phone numbers," said Andrew Silver, Tango Networks CTO and co-founder.

An example use case for this service would be an employee using a mobile phone to call an international office through software like Microsoft Lync. "Your mobile call routes through Lync, so you don't pay for the long-distance on the mobile network," Silver said.

Tango Networks and its federation service was another of the four winners at Enterprise Connect's Innovation Showcase.

CaféX Communications: Fusion Live Assist WebRTC-based customer interaction service

CaféX Communications launched Fusion Live Assist, a WebRTC-based customer interaction service, at this year's Enterprise Connect conference. When a customer is on a Web or mobile application and requires assistance, a conversation with an agent can be initiated from that app without the need for a plug-in or separate client.

"With just a click, we can enable voice, video, co-browsing, screen annotation and document sharing, all between a consumer online and an agent in a contact center," said Bruce Marler, director of sales engineering at New York, N.Y.-based CaféX.

In addition to these capabilities, agents can also send URL pushes that point customers to specific pages on the application, like a customer satisfaction survey, Marler said.

CaféX was awarded Best of Enterprise Connect, which is given to an exhibitor that has made the most significant impact on enterprise communications and collaboration.

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