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Communications platform bundles make APIs more valuable

Communications platform as a service is changing unified communications as organizations look to digitize their business processes and achieve embedded communications with workflows.

Communications platform as a service (CPaaS) modernizes communication by simplifying the process of integrating communication into applications by leveraging application program interfaces (APIs) and WebRTC, according to Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst of ZK Research.

Communications platform bundles simplify the process even more by taking APIs one step further with prepackaged, fully functional communications features that can be "dropped" into apps, Kerravala said.

"It makes them more valuable to more people," Kerravala said. "Think of it as the collection of all the things you need to write an app."

For example, an organization that wants to add concierge services to app only needs to purchase a bundle that offers all the necessary features rather than using individual APIs to write the code needed to add concierge services.

Bundles offer a variety of benefits for organizations, Kerravala said. These benefits range from the ability to differentiate service offerings, to simplifying the delivery of advanced customer service apps to a faster time to market.

Communications platform bundles will open up new opportunities for different markets, he said. Bundles can help organizations move their customer service to the omnichannel model, which allows a contact center agent to reach a customer in whatever channel they are in at the moment, whether that's on a video call or over chat.

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