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Award finalists Vidyo, Unify, 8x8 ramp up innovation

In this video featuring three Best of Enterprise Connect award finalists, Vidyo demonstrates its wearables technology for video, Unify shows off its collaboration software and 8x8 revs up phone call analytics.

VidyoWorks for smart glasses delivers hands-free video communication for integrated augmented reality and see-what-I-see workflow applications. Unify's Circuit platform is an enterprise WebRTC-based team communication and collaboration service that brings together voice, video, messaging and file sharing capabilities. 8x8's Virtual Office Analytics features a suite of reporting tools to monitor a company's phone call activity.

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Could your company benefit from wearable video technology, enhanced collaboration software or in-depth phone call analytics?
I'm excited about wearable video technology because I think it's amazing. But I don't see how my company would benefit from its use around the office. I DO think it could be a really good tool for our creation of content here at Especially as we concentrate more on video production and interviews in real life. What fun it would be to go chat with someone and not have to hold a camera and audio gear. Technology can help everyone and every company - it needs to be used in the right way, though.
Thanks for your feedback, Jeff. Wearable video technology is certainly not for everyone but it certainly could be beneficial for some folks. In your line of work I wonder, too, about the video and audio quality of wearables. Something like the GoPro, for example, is super cool -- but, you're right, technologies have their limitations and need to be used correctly to maximize the capabilities.
Our use for wearable video is so slim that it wouldn't be worth the effort. Then again, we work in video, so everything worth recording is always recorded anyway, just with a bigger lens.

Enhanced collaboration software would be very welcome. Filmmakers now use quite a few programs for collaborative work, but gaining a bigger reach and greater depth would always be welcome. 
Thanks, ncberns. What features exactly are you looking for with enhanced collaboration software?
I can imagine "see-what-I-see" feature very useful in many situations handled by customer support in IT. A lot of communication goes around what's on screen and how the app responds to actions.