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Are team collaboration apps right for your organization?

As team collaboration apps grow in popularity among employees, organizations are faced with the question of whether these tools are the right fit for their employees' needs and their overall business strategy. But according to ZK Research analyst Zeus Kerravala, team collaboration apps can work for any organization.

"Team collaboration is right for all organizations of all sizes," Kerravala said. "Every company has some level of agile workers, it's easy to drop these [apps] in and build workflows around them."

Kerravala said every organization has characteristics that benefit from deploying team collaboration apps. These characteristics range from an agile workforce to a mobile-first strategy.

Team collaboration apps like Cisco Spark and Unify Circuit offer features that can support these characteristics, including real-time voice and video conferencing, persistent chat and document sharing. These features enable faster decision making for teams and supports cloud-based, mobile-first strategies, he said.

Traditionally, organizations built their employee workflows around metrics like key performance indicators. But as organizations become increasingly digitized, they need to develop workflows that can support changing employee needs.

"More and more companies are moving this way," Kerravala said. "Ultimately, for any organization that's moving to the digital era that wants to move faster than their competition, that's the right target market for this type of tool."

Watch this video to learn more about the features team collaboration apps offer organizations and see examples of how an enterprise and a small business leveraged the technology.

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