• Mobile unified communications (UC) study guide

    If you're going to make the jump to mobile unified communications (UC), make sure you have the proper know-how before you begin. Test your knowledge of mobile UC in this study guide with our interactive quiz on mobile messaging, mobile security and ...  Continue Reading

  • Instant messaging (IM) tutorial

    Instant messaging (IM) has become the communication vehicle of choice for many enterprises. A real-time communication application, IM is essential to unified communications (UC) systems. This comprehensive tutorial details the ins and outs of IM ...  Continue Reading

  • Videoconferencing tutorial

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  • SIP tutorial

    Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is becoming the signalling protocol of choice in the IP telephony, VoIP and unified communications (UC) industries. This comprehensive tutorial details the ins and outs of basic SIP operation, security, ...  Continue Reading

  • VoIP: SIP, security and testing for your network

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  • Understanding VoWLAN

    Like VoIP, VoWLAN contributes to cost efficiency. Because calls can be routed over the data network internally or over the Internet externally, mobile telephony costs can be eliminated or decreased significantly. In the long term, VoWLAN deployment ...  Continue Reading

  • Voice over IPv6: Architectures for Next Generation VoIP Networks

    VoIP technolgies are not immune to system failures, from hacking to jitter, and these issues can present problems for companies who depend on their network. This chapter examines some of the issues that are faced by VoIP systems, focusing on those ...  Continue Reading

  • VoIP models and services: Complete guide

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  • Hosted and managed VoIP fundamentals

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  • Disaster recovery and business continuity fundamentals

    The importance of disaster recovery and business continuity planning has been underscored in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the Avian flu and 9/11. As important as maintaining continuous communications in a disaster is staying connected when random,...  Continue Reading

  • SIP fundamentals

    Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) will allow true interoperability, eventually enabling every IP-based device and application to communicate seamlessly with one another. This guide discusses some of the basics of SIP, including vulnerabilities, ...  Continue Reading

  • How to master VoIP bandwidth fundamentals

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  • VoIP security testing fundamentals

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  • VoIP performance testing fundamentals

    VoIP network performance testing can mean the difference between a VoIP system working at a high level QoS and a weak system that runs so poorly customers could take their business elsewhere. This guide discusses why it is important to run regular ...  Continue Reading

  • VoIP security fundamentals

    VoIP security is a challenge for IT staff because IP telephony brings with it not only the security problems of data networks but also new threats specific to VoIP. In this fundamentals guide, learn about network security threats and emerging IP ...  Continue Reading