SIP and Unified Communications Standards

  • Primer: Understanding Avaya's Aura application sequencing

    This primer details how Avaya's Aura™ Session Manager and application sequencing works. Avaya's application sequencing is a core feature for creating and enhancing unified communications and communications-enabled business processes (CEBP).  Continue Reading

  • SIP tutorial

    Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is becoming the signalling protocol of choice in the IP telephony, VoIP and unified communications (UC) industries. This comprehensive tutorial details the ins and outs of basic SIP operation, security, ...  Continue Reading

  • SIP fundamentals

    Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) will allow true interoperability, eventually enabling every IP-based device and application to communicate seamlessly with one another. This guide discusses some of the basics of SIP, including vulnerabilities, ...  Continue Reading

  • Learning guide: VoIP protocols and standards

    The Israelis are credited with placing the first computer-to-computer call in 1995. Though the audio quality was poor and likened to the "voice sounds" that were transmitted during the first historical call made in 1875 by Alexander Graham Bell, ...  Continue Reading

  • VoIP Learning Guide

    This guide explains what VoIP is, how it's used, and how it fits into the enterprise. Check back often for updates and new additions.  Continue Reading