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VoIP Security Resource Guide

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) implementations are becoming more common and keeping it secure is no easy task. This guide is a compilation of resources that review the importance of VoIP security, protocols and standards, LAN security, vulnerabilities, troubleshooting, threats and more.

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To accurately forecast the ROI (return on investment) of VoIP deployments, implementers must weigh savings on hard benefits like local and long distance charges and quantify the more elusive soft benefits like increased productivity, less complicated adds, changes and management, increased customer satisfaction and better supply chain management.'s All in one Guide: Locking down VoIP ROI will help you build a pragmatic business case for VoIP that will sell itself to business execs.


   Introduction to VoIP ROI
   Cutting costs with VoIP
   VoIP ROI for SMBs
   Additional resources

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