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Unified communications cloud provider survey

Get a taste of the UC cloud providers available in the market offering Unified Communications as a Service, or UCaaS, to enterprises.

Like many cloud computing markets, cloud unified communications (UC) leaders have risen from traditional hardware telephony and unified communications vendors as well as from cloud providers expanding their service portfolios. Vendors like Cisco, IBM and Microsoft sell their own products in the cloud, while telecom vendors AT&T and Verizon are building out UCaaS offerings by using technology from leading UC vendors. This unified communications cloud provider survey introduces you to some of the top UCaaS and cloud telephony providers as well as the ever-popular cloud video conferencing service providers. Keep in mind that the UC cloud providers listed in the sections below are geared toward enterprises and less so for small businesses, as the customer needs in these market areas are very distinct.

UC cloud providers

Cloud-based telephony and UC providers

With shrinking IP telephony and UC expertise inside enterprises, many companies are turning toward hosted unified communications solutions -- swapping Capex for Opex in the process. If you are thinking of hosting your PBX solutions in the cloud or outsourcing your company's unified communications applications, consider these popular cloud-based telephony and UC providers.

UC video service cloud providers

Cloud video conferencing service providers

Whether you're video conferencing in a telepresence room or on your desktop -- the bandwidth required to support video is oftentimes prohibitive to many enterprises. This is why many enterprises are turning to cloud providers: They can manage video traffic for you and provide the appropriate amount of bandwidth. Take a look at this survey of reputable cloud video service providers.

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