Tutorial: VoIP ROI

It is important to understand the elements of VoIP ROI before investing in an expensive VoIP system. This tutorial walks you through VoIP ROI basics, VoIP deployment and implementation costs, and how to build a business case for VoIP.

Achieving a strong ROI with your VoIP investment in this tough economy is more crucial than ever, so it's imperative you understand how to lock down VoIP ROI. In this tutorial, we've compiled our best resources on VoIP ROI, starting with VoIP ROI basics, such as a pre-project cost analysis and an ROI calculator, identifying VoIP implementation costs and making your case for VoIP.

VoIP ROI tutorial table of contents
  VoIP ROI basics
  VoIP deployment, implementation and management costs
  Making a business case for VoIP

VoIP ROI basics

Ensuring ROI on your VoIP project is straightforward, so long as you address some key points. In this section of our tutorial, you will learn about cost analysis as well as how to calculate an accurate predication of your organization's unique VoIP ROI.

What is the standard to do a cost analysis as well as ROI?
This expert answer will tell you how to do a detailed cost analysis on your VoIP system, which can help you determine VoIP ROI.

Is there a simple ROI calculator for IP PBX deployment? Where can I find a download of it?
Check out the ROI worksheet drawn up by Carrie Higbie to help you understand what the VoIP ROI might be for your company.

VoIP deployment, implementation and management costs

Whether you're deploying VoIP in house or using a hosted solution or a managed service provider, there are upfront costs associated with VoIP that must be addressed. To better understand these costs, including VoIP implementation and management, be sure to check out the resources in this section of the tutorial. In order to accurately understand VoIP ROI and sell your case to the business side, you must first understand all costs encompassed within the VoIP process from beginning to end.

Justifying VoIP deployment without cost analysis
Since many of the benefits of VoIP are soft, determining a hard-and-fast ROI can be challenging. In this tip from Zeus Kerravala, find out how specific industries can measure VoIP ROI. This tip also offers useful bullet points to cover when presenting your case for VoIP deployment to your CFO.

What are the hidden costs associated with implementing VoIP?
Don't get caught up in the costs you may not know are associated with VoIP. Plan accordingly and prepare for hidden costs with help from this expert answer.

VoIP services: A clarification
To understand the costs of VoIP from beginning to end, you must understand what VoIP services entail. In this tip from Tom Lancaster, you'll learn about call control, toll bypasses and connectivity to PSTN.

Making a business case for VoIP

VoIP can be a costly investment, but it can also save significantly more money than TDM-based systems in the long run. When trying to make a business case for VoIP, make sure you have a strong working knowledge of VoIP ROI. Here is some advice and information to help you understand why VoIP is, at last, a valuable communication asset compared with other technologies. You'll also learn how to convince a customer (if you're a reseller or solution provider) to switch to VoIP, and gain an understanding of how hosted and managed VoIP can offer significant cost savings.

VoIP ROI is solid
Learn how to make a dependable case for VoIP ROI, no matter the size of your organization.

VoIP saves company long-distance, bandwidth costs
In this case study, learn how one company saved money with VoIP and how it skirted potential bandwidth challenges.

VoIP bandwidth: Calculate consumption
The bandwidth needed for VoIP transmission will depend on the following factors: compression technology, packet overhead, network protocol used, and whether silence suppression is used. This series looks at the various factors to consider when calculating bandwidth consumption and what makes for a smooth transition to VoIP.

How to convince a customer to switch to VoIP
Sometimes VoIP can be a hard sell for a customer who is used to traditional phone systems. In this expert answer, learn how to finesse a customer and boost VoIP as a viable option.

Hosted and managed VoIP fundamentals
Enterprises are factoring revenue growth, enhanced productivity and communication services into ROI calculations to make a business case for hosted or managed VoIP, which can cut down on costs and complexities in comparison to an in-house VoIP deployment. In this guide, you'll discover the differences between hosted and managed VoIP services compared with in-house VoIP, and you'll be better prepared to decide whether outsourcing VoIP is the right choice for your needs.

Making the decision to shift to hosted VoIP
In this expert response, find out whether hosted VoIP is a viable communication solution for your business.

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