Tutorial: Mobile unified communications (UC)

Mobile unified communications (UC) is an integral part of a UC system. Learn about the benefits of mobile UC and implementing mobile UC, and discover what's available in terms of mobile UC products.

Mobile unified communications (UC) extends the benefits of unified communications to users on the go. For many companies, this allows flexibility for employees to travel freely without being tied to a desktop. In this three-part tutorial from Michael F. Finneran of dBrn Associates Inc., you will learn about the benefits of mobile UC, including presence and security. You will also learn about implementing mobile UC, as well as fixed mobile convergence (FMC). Finally, you will get information about mobile UC products, from vendors to FMC products.

Also be sure to listen to the podcast with Michael Finneran (below) for his top five tips that you should know when investigating a mobile UC solution.

Part 1: The benefits of mobile unified communications 

With its cost efficiency and portability, mobile unified communications (UC) is an attractive option for companies looking to update their UC capabilities. Learn about the benefits of mobile UC, including the applications and the technology behind mobile UC.

Part 2: Implementing a mobile unified communications solution 

Mobile unified communications (UC) can provide many major benefits to an organization. In this part, you will learn about the major strategies available to implement a mobile UC solution and fixed mobile convergence (FMC).

Part 3: Understanding mobile unified communications products

Now you know about the benefits of mobile unified communications (UC) and how to implement it. In this part, you will learn about mobile UC products, including mobile UC vendors and fixed mobile convergence (FMC) vendors.

Podcast: Investigating a mobile unified communications solution

In this interactive podcast, Michael Finneran and Kara Gattine count down the top five tips that communication professionals need to know when investigating a mobile unified communications (UC) solution. Listen as Michael and Kara talk about mobile UC options, capabilities, pilots and strategy.

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