The year in review: Unified communications highlights from 2012

Check out our UC review of the top trends, news, advice and tips from 2012.

In the unified communications and collaboration market, 2012 was a year of video conferencing advancements, enterprise social media tool development and UC cloud service reality. Check out the year in review for the most popular UC trends, topics and tips that made the 2012 bucket list.

What were the top three unified communication trends of 2012?

This slide show highlights the three major technology trends that shaped unified communications and collaboration developments in the past year.

Where is UC with desktop video conferencing?

Vendors have begun addressing desktop video conference adoption hurdles and continue to make these solutions more workable for enterprises. See which video-conferencing vendors made the most impact on the UC market in 2012.

Enterprise collaboration tool milestones in 2012

This year in review article looks at the the progress made with collaboration tools in 2012. Most enterprises are looking for ways to truly unify these collaboration technologies.

How enterprises view social media tools in 2012

Enterprises asked for social media tools for corporate environments, and UC vendors like Cisco, Citrix and Microsoft listened. Find out where enterprises are in recognizing the value of social media tools and check out the social media business cases described in this article.

Why enterprises are keeping their desk phones

"If it aint broke, don't fix it" is the mantra IT uses to keep organizations from upgrading traditional phone systems. Infonetics Research Principal Analyst Diane Myers explains further in this 2012 recap. 

Top 10 UC tips of 2012

Should you trade in your UC solution for freeware? Would it make sense to choose a cloud service for your organization? Does the iPad really affect your network strategy? Find the answers to these questions and more in the top UC tips of 2012.

Top 5 UC feature articles of 2012

While many organizations continue struggled through the challenged 2012 economy, it’s no surprise that three out of our top five feature articles discussed UC costs. Whether organizations are looking to move to cloud service models or are analyzing the costs of free services like Google Voice and Skype -- these top features speak to the times.

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