Crash Course: Asterisk

Open source PBX software Asterisk is more than just a footnote in the enterprise voice arena. Get up to speed on how Asterisk is at the forefront of open source VoIP development and how it can even save you money with our collection of resources.

Open source PBX software Asterisk is more than just a footnote in the enterprise voice arena. Get up to speed on...

how Asterisk is at the forefront of open source VoIP development and how it can even save you money with our collection of resources.


Asterisk is an open source private branch exchange (PBX) sponsored by Digium that facilitates voice over IP in many protocols and interoperates with almost all standards-based telephony equipment using relatively inexpensive hardware. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is the most developed protocol used by Asterisk.

Product review: Asterisk brings open source VoIP to the enterprise
Asterisk, open source PBX software, is richly featured and benefits from fast development in the open source community. Better yet, it can save you money.

VoIP telephony book cover
VoIP Telephony with Asterisk: Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 1 of VoIP Telephony with Asterisk by Paul Mahler presents an introduction to the leading open source PBX software. In this book, you will learn how to provision telephony, install and compile Linux and Asterisk and how to configure an Asterisk dial plan for both analog and SIP telephones. The book's 300 pages cover Cisco and snom telephones, Digium boards, faxing, voicemail, basic IVR and a variety of related topics.


VoIP: Patrick Ferriter

Patrick Ferriter
Can our IP phones use the private IP address of our Asterisk server?
Patrick's response: IP phones can use the private IP address of the Asterisk to perform SIP registration …

Can an ISDN phone be used with Asterisk?
Patrick's response: To my knowledge, there are no ISDN-to-SIP gateway solutions on the market that provide that level of interworking for ISDN. Another option …

Preparing your network for VoIP: Carrie Higbie

Carrie Higbie

What can you tell me about implementing VoIP using Asterisk?
Carrie's response: Asterisk is an open source IP solution which offers a good number of features. Most implementations of Asterisk …

Can an Asterisk server accumulate calls from SIP phones and then pass them on to another Asterisk SIP server which has PSTN connectivity? Also, can a SIP phone receive calls if it sits behind a NAT device?
Carrie's response: Most SIP servers can receive calls and then redirect them to another SIP server. Asterisk also has this ability. If one of the SIP servers …

Can Asterisk work with ISDN?
Carrie's response: According to the Asterisk Web site, you will need an additional program …


Asterisk: A playground for 'neat ideas' caught up with Spencer to talk about the marriage of open source and VoIP, the benefits of such a pairing, and how an open source PBX can change telecommunications. Here are some highlights from that discussion.

Open source PBX provider teams up with Intel
Asterisk creator Mark Spencer gives his thoughts on the open source movement and talks about the Asterisk Business Edition's support for Intel Corp.'s NetStructure and Dialogic products.

Digium founder opens up about Asterisk
Open source voice applications are beginning to gain traction in the corporate world. And the founder of Asterisk, an open source PBX that runs on Linux, says the trend isn't limited to companies interested in VoIP.

Your new open source app -- a PBX
What can take an old Pentium III machine and make your organization seem like the largest company in the world? One word: Asterisk.

Open source collaboration streamlines communications
Integration of two open source products -- IP-PBX Asterisk, and AJAX/ Web Services suite Zimbra, helps office workers to become more efficient at their jobs.

Case study: Canadian firm scores with open source call center
Montreal-based Aheeva Technologies had long specialized in assisting firms choose, develop and manage interactive contact center systems based on proprietary technologies. But when Aheeva began moving forward with plans to branch out and offer hosted call center services, it found that the open source private branch exchange (PBX) Asterisk made the most financial and technical sense.

This was last published in April 2006

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