• VoIP/IP Telephony vendor security solutions

    VoIP and IP Telephony system vendors have been improving their security offerings, but are they good enough for your VoIP implementation? Learn about the various security solutions you can implement in your VoIP network to help protect you against ...  Continue Reading

  • Securing the enterprise VoIP perimeter

    Traditional perimeter security methods such as firewalls and IPS can interfere with VoIP call operation and performance, which can cause many organizations to bypass or break through firewalls to make VoIP work or to decide that VoIP is too ...  Continue Reading

  • Speech technology needs to be more natural to be useful

    Once speech technology irons out a few issues, it will become an integral component of many applications and will significantly alter how we access information. In this tip, learn how you can benefit from getting in on this up-and-coming technology.  Continue Reading

  • Manipulating VoIP security

    There are those who want to attack your VoIP calls via packet flooding and signaling manipulation tools. This tip provides an extensive list of sites that track and document attack tools. Check these sites often!  Continue Reading