VoIP Migration and Implementation

  • Speech technology in the contact center: an open standards issue

    A Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) gives companies the flexibility to treat elements of business processes and the underlying IT infrastructure as secure, standardized components (services) that can be rapidly reused and combined to address ...  Continue Reading

  • The evolution of speech technology

    Will the pervasiveness of speech cause a revolution in the IT industry, or will it drive the evolution of IT and contact centers in terms of improving their ability to retain customers, bring down costs and create new streams of revenue? Learn how ...  Continue Reading

  • The connected edge

    The dust around VoIP is starting to settle and best practices for making it work properly are taking shape. Distinct camps have formed with particular approaches to assessing and monitoring networks, plus some interesting hybrid technologies. Figure...  Continue Reading

  • VoIP for Dummies: Chapter 5: Getting Switched

    Chapter five from "VoIP for Dummies" covers ways to support VoIP over the PSTN, methods for controlling millions of calls and detailed descriptions of common QoS issues. Learn more about ISDN transport, DSL transport, SS7 and cost control here.  Continue Reading

  • SIP paving the way for real-time media

    IETF developed SIP, the text-based protocol, specifically to address distributed applications of the IP world. expert, Sanjeev Sawai, explains why SIP will be the catalyst for application-level innovation in the near future.  Continue Reading