IP Telephony

  • QoS for VoIP: The hidden cost

    Quality of Service (QoS) technology can ensure that your VoIP traffic is prioritized to create an optimal end-user experience. But QoS is no magic bullet for performance, and it may not deliver what you've bargained for. In this tip, Loki Jorgenson ...  Continue Reading

  • VoIP management tools: Buy now or pay later

    Managing your VoIP systems is essential, yet the tools for doing so have not yet evolved to the point where any one vendor's product can satisfy your needs on its own. In this tip from IP communications guru Gary Audin, find out what your management...  Continue Reading

  • VoIP billing and tracking

    What are your options for keeping track of VoIP calls made in your organization? How can you manage the billing process? In this tip, we profile your options, including software-based tracking and billing, hosted solutions and outsourcing.  Continue Reading

  • Planning VoIP deployment

    Barrie Dempster discusses management of the VoIP PBX and proposes that it be treated as another service managed by network administrators. He also documents how voice connectivity relates to data networks and how to effectively and securely ...  Continue Reading

  • VoIP echo elimination: Leaks, loudness and delay

    Echo cancellers are the easiest and quickest way to eliminate echo on VoIP. But there are several other things you can and should do to eliminate or avoid echo, depending on your environment and budget. In this tip, you'll gain an understanding of ...  Continue Reading

  • Asterisk in the enterprise: Benefits and best practices for business deployment

    Asterisk, the open source IP PBX, boasts a full range of features, functionality and friendliness to support a variety of needs and circumstances. This article highlights a few of those high points and lends perspective to the level of maturity ...  Continue Reading