IP Telephony Systems

  • Beyond Asterisk -- Other open source PBXs

    Asterisk is the most widely known open source PBX, but other developers are making competitive products in the unified communications market. Learn more in this tip from Gary Audin.  Continue Reading

  • Open source PBX: Risk or value?

    Open source IP PBX systems like Asterisk have benefits and risks. Learn what they are and assess your readiness for the IP PBX implementation in this tip from Gary Audin.  Continue Reading

  • Routing basics -- What VoIP managers need to know

    Voice over IP (VoIP) requires that an organization's voice staff understand many of the fundamentals of data networking. Routing is an essential data networking function that also applies to VoIP. In this tip, learn more about the routers and ...  Continue Reading

  • IP PBX: Ten reasons to switch

    Should you throw out the old PBX and replace it with a new IP PBX? This tip from provides ten compelling reasons to do so, along with a brief explanation of what an IP PBX is, how it works in a computer network and how it ...  Continue Reading

  • VoIP billing and tracking

    What are your options for keeping track of VoIP calls made in your organization? How can you manage the billing process? In this tip, we profile your options, including software-based tracking and billing, hosted solutions and outsourcing.  Continue Reading