IP Telephony Systems

  • VoIP islands 101: How did we get here?

    To connect and leverage VoIP islands, one must first understand them. In this tip, you will find out what VoIP islands are, how they came into being, and the implications for enterprise networks that have them.  Continue Reading

  • Streaming Cisco's IP Communicator to an HP thin client

    Find out how to stream Cisco's IP Communicator (VoIP client) to HP's XPe thin client (t5720) using Citrix Presentation Server Platinum Edition (now XenApp Platinum). Streaming VoIP to the end point offers many benefits over traditional solutions, ...  Continue Reading

  • Cut that UC desktop power

    Data center energy consumption is expected to constitute 3% of all electrical power consumption in the U.S. by 2010, according to the EPA. By conserving energy and adhering to best practices for power consumption control, CIOs can lower their ...  Continue Reading

  • IP phones get more innovative in 2008

    The IP phone hasn't kept up with the rest of the VoIP ecosystem. Expect 2008 to be the year the IP phone undergoes a facelift as vendors create more functionality in the phone, allowing users to create a more custom experience.  Continue Reading