IP Telephony ROI

  • VoIP management tools: Calculating ROI

    Before purchasing management tools for VoIP, you may need to calculate the return on investment (ROI) to justify the cost of those tools. In this tip, Gary Audin explains how to calculate ROI and provides specific checklists for calculating the ROI ...  Continue Reading

  • Checklist: Getting the management dollars for VoIP

    Tools for managing VoIP are important to a successful implementation, but investing in management tools outside the ones your VoIP vendor provides may be a tough sell. In this tip, Gary Audin provides a checklist for analyzing the investment to help...  Continue Reading

  • VoIP billing and tracking

    What are your options for keeping track of VoIP calls made in your organization? How can you manage the billing process? In this tip, we profile your options, including software-based tracking and billing, hosted solutions and outsourcing.  Continue Reading

  • VoIP helps company trim costs, response time

    Byram Healthcare needed an efficient system to deal with thousands of customer support phone inquires. The company implemented a VoIP system that has helped it cut costs and more effectively respond to customers' needs.  Continue Reading