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VoIP user experience questionnaire

VoIP user experience questionnaire

Any new technology implementation is not complete without user acceptance -- it is also not possible to extract...

all the benefits of implementing a new technology unless the user embraces it. There are many methods of knowing user acceptance and examples include e-mail communication, direct discussions and sending a questionnaire. Among all the methods available, having the user fill out a questionnaire seems to be the best method since it gives you information that you request and in a format you are looking for. The same thing holds good for VoIP implementations too.

You can use the VoIP user experience questionnaire below to get the information required to fine tune the VoIP devices, or to calculate the ROI of VoIP implementation. The same information can also be used to troubleshoot VoIP related problems.

A typical VoIP User Experience Questionnaire

1. Type of call:

  1. PC to PC
  2. PC to Phone
  3. Phone to Phone
  4. Conference Call and No. of ports connected
  5. Hop off Call (Call that requires switching between IP network to PSTN network)

Your response:

NOTE: Response to this question gives you information of the best combination that works and also to troubleshoot the problem related to the other options.

2. Date, time and duration:

Your response:

NOTE: This information is very much required to know the network bandwidth that was available during the call and also this information is vital to troubleshoot jitters or voice delays due to network bottlenecks.

3. Type of phone equipment used:

  1. Analog phone
  2. Digital Speaker Phone
  3. Audio conferencing equipment [Polycom etc.,]
  4. Cell Phone

Your response:

NOTE:This information is required to know the root cause of the problem, either the equipment in use or the network.

4. Voice Quality through out the call:

  1. Poor
  2. Near to toll quality
  3. Good
  4. Equal to toll quality
  5. Excellent

Your response:

NOTE: Anything between C to E should be a very good news for you. Anything below C indicates that VoIP implementation is not ready for prime usage.

5. Would you like to use this option once again?

  1. Yes
  2. No

Your response:

NOTE: "Yes," announces that you won the race, "Yes" also indicates the user acceptance of VoIP technology.

6. Any other comments:

NOTE: Send this questionnaire to 50 users in you company and results can be summarized as follows based on the number of yes to question 5.

  1. 35-50 - User Acceptance Level "Good"
  2. 20-34 - User Acceptance Level "OK"
  3. Anything less than 20 - User Acceptance Level "Bad"

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