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VoIP calculators

Figure out your bandwidth savings and expected delay with these handy calculators for VoIP.

A decision to consider implementing voice over IP generates several questions that are not easily answered. Two...

specific questions our company has addressed in a couple of applications are:

How much bandwidth can be saved by using voice over IP, compared to traditional 64 kbps circuit switching?
For this there is a free Excel spreadsheet called "VoIP-Calc," available at: A tutorial on how to use this spreadsheet is also available here.

What is the expected mouth-to-ear delay for a given pair of users?
This calculator is available from, and is an .exe file that is useable for a one month free trial, then can be purchased for $39 US. This tool includes the bandwidth calculator as well as mouth-to-ear delay. It also includes a transit delay and jitter estimator that can be used in the calculation.

This was last published in May 2002

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