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VoIP calculator site

A look at the resources available on a VoIP calculator site.

In my Voice over IP and IP Telephony tips, I'm always looking for good technical resources in this topic area. Recently, a reader e-mailed me to ask my opinion on Voice over IP Calculator, a site that aims to support engineers and technicians faced with making technical VoIP decisions. The Web is greater than the sum of its myriad parts, and I'm just one guy looking for a clue, so I hope it comes as no surprise that the inquiry spurred my first visit to this site. I'm grateful for the pointer, though, because I liked much of what I found there.

Here's a short list of some of the goodies you can dig up there:

You'll also find pointers to various technical papers and some VoIP books here as well. If you're looking for a good, vendor-agnostic (vendors do sponsor but don't overwhelm this) site, it's definitely worth a visit. Check it out!

Ed Tittel is a regular contributor to numerous TechTarget Web sites, and the author of over 100 books on a wide range of computing subjects from markup languages to information security. He's also a contributing editor for Certification Magazine, and edits Que Publising's Exam Cram 2 series of cert prep books. E-mail Ed at

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