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VoIP and IP telephony in IT certifications

A look at some of the certifications that cover VoIP and IP telephony.

Given the increasing importance of Voice over IP and IP telephony in modern enterprises, and its creeping and massive...

invasion of small to medium sized businesses as well, interested IT professionals may be curious to learn about which certification programs consider coverage of either or both of these topics to be within their purview. Hence, my quick mini-survey of what's available that includes these things. Table 1 sums up the broad view; Table 2 lists the 4 Cisco IP Telephony certifications; and Table 3 lists all 12 of the Nortel VoIP certifications currently available (another 7 are currently under development and should be ready "real soon now" because reported availability dates have already come and gone).

Table 1: VoIP/IPT Certification Summary
Name Acronym Sponsor VoIP/IPT Focus
Certified in Convergent Network Technologies CCNT TIA Partial: course
Cisco Certified Internetwork Engineer Voice CCIE Voice Cisco Partial, but substantial
Cisco IP Telephony Certs (none) Cisco Exclusive (Table 2)
Convergence Technologies Professional CTP TIA Partial: part of exam objectives
VoIP Engineer (none) Global Knowledge Exclusive
Lucent Certified Technical Expert VoIP Specialist LCTE-VoIP Lucent Exclusive
Enterprise IP Telephony Certifications (none) Nortel Exclusive for Nortel platforms
VoIP Alcatel Certified Switch Specialist VoIP ACSS Alcatel Partial, stresses switch topics
Table 2: Cisco IP Telephony Certs
Cisco IP Telephony Design Specialist
Cisco IP Telephony Express Specialist
Cisco IP Telephony Operations Specialist
Cisco IP Telephony Support Specialist
Table 3: Current Nortel VoIP Certs
Design Specialist: VoIP Succession BCM 3.0
Design Specialist: VoIP CallPilot 2.0
Design Specialist: VoIP Meridian 1 IP Enabled 25.40
Design Specialist: VoIP Succession CSE 1000 Release 2.0
Design Specialist: VoIP Succession 1000/1000M Rls. 3.0
Support Specialist: VoIP Succession BCM 3.0
Support Specialist: VoIP CallPilot 2.0
Support Specialist: VoIP Meridian 1 IP Enabled 25.40
Support Specialist: VoIP Succession CSE 1000 Release 2.0
Design Expert: IP Convergence Meridian 1 IP Enabled 25.40
Support Expert: IP Convergence CallPilot 2.0 Unified Messaging Solutions
Support Expert: IP Convergence Meridian 1 IP Enabled 25.40

A quick, first glance at Table 1 appears to indicate that the total number included is six, but because Nortel already has a dozen VoIP certs available, the real total is 17. If and when other promised Nortel VoIP certs are released, that number will climb to 24. But it looks like the TIA and Global Knowledge credentials are best bets for those seeking general knowledge or a starting point in the field, while those who work on specific platforms will want to seek out training from their vendors. [Note: anybody who's aware of programs I've missed should e-mail me the details and I'll be happy to add them to this story and my brief analysis.]

Ed Tittel is a regular contributor to numerous TechTarget Web sites, and the author of over 100 books on a wide range of computing subjects from markup languages to information security. He's also a contributing editor for Certification Magazine, and series editor for Que Publising's Exam Cram 2 series of cert prep books. E-mail Ed at [email protected].


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