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Configure NetMeeting for VoIP gateways

How to configure NetMeeting for VoIP gateways.

Users of Microsoft's Windows 2000 or newer operating systems may be familiar with Microsoft's multimedia collaboration software NetMeeting. Among other things, this program allows you to use your PC microphone and speakers for voice communication across the network. Most people use this by direct dialing one client from another, using their IP address or host name. However, you can also use NetMeeting with VOIP gateways and gatekeepers to communicate with other networks like the PSTN.

To configure this, first open NetMeeting. If you have Windows 2000, it's on your PC whether you realize it or not. You can probably find it in your Start Menu under Programs / Accessories / Communications. If it's not there, select Start|Run and type in "conf" and press Enter.

Once you have NetMeeting opened, click the Tools menu, then select Options. Click the Advanced Calling button and check the box that says "Use a gatekeeper to place calls" if you're using a gatekeeper, or "Use a gateway to call telephones and videoconferencing systems" if you need to use a gateway. In the box that says "Gateway" or "Gatekeeper", type the IP address or hostname of the gateway or gatekeeper you intend to use. Fill out account information if necessary and press OK.

If you need to specify a particular audio CODEC for use with your gateway, such as CCITT G.711 u-Law, select the Audio tab and click Advanced.

Thomas Alexander Lancaster IV is a consultant and author with over ten years experience in the networking industry, focused on Internet infrastructure.

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