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Cloud-based unified communications essential to mobility

Cloud-based unified communications are an integral part of an enterprise's mobility strategy. Philip Clarke discusses the advantages of the cloud.

Editor's note: In part two of our series on assessing mobile collaboration, we look at the advantages of cloud-based unified communications. Nemertes Research analyst Philip Clarke discusses why enterprises should look to the cloud and how it can benefit their mobile UC strategy.

IT professionals should consider cloud -- and particularly, Software as a Service  -- an integral part of their mobile UC initiative. Cloud-based unified communications offerings have several inherent advantages. These include the following:

  • Cost: Rather than investments in large capital offerings, cloud and hosted UC solutions require a much smaller, scalable investment offset by a larger, operational one. Additionally, companies aren't locked in to a platform due to the relatively small up-front costs.
  • Expertise: Since mobility and UC alone require a particular set of skills, an application that properly integrates the two requires even more particular expertise. Hosted solutions allow organizations to outsource this.
  • Maturity: Providers have helped a variety of organizations with their UC needs and are well-situated to tailor their products accordingly.
  • Features and integration: Hosted UC providers can offer a variety of popular UC platforms through a single source, integrate with different hardware sets and quickly change functionality to meet the needs of their clients.
  • Control: While on-premises solutions still maximize companies' absolute control over a technology, organizations can redirect resource-intensive IT tasks that require deep understanding of a platform toward tweaking control capabilities on a hosted platform. So, while counterintuitive, outsourcing technology expertise to a hosted company enables IT professionals to focus on exercising enhanced control over their hosted platform.
  • User choice: Cloud-based unified communications products allow employees with the greatest need or level of interest to elect technologies that best fit their needs. Rather than forcing users to learn a one-size-fits-all platform, they can actively choose what they want.

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