Improve business processes with unified communications

The hype around unified communications (UC) is building to a fever pitch. However, the technology is quickly maturing and will ultimately offer significant benefits for specific business functions. Enterprise IT decision makers need to understand UC capabilities and solutions and begin laying the groundwork for their approach.

Research Report Executive Summary

Unified communications (UC) is a broad concept but one that will have great significance to enterprise IT managers in the very near future. In increasingly competitive environments, enterprises need to continuously drive speed and efficiency by finding ways to optimize business processes. By providing the tools to help the enterprise become more aware and responsive, UC can streamline communications within the enterprise and ultimately help realize efficiencies across the value chain.

This research note discusses:

  • The UC concept and its role in enterprise operations.
  • The UC concept and its role in enterprise operations.
  • Directions in which leading IT vendors are taking UC today.

Enterprises need to understand the potential benefits and applications for UC and begin to look at how integrating its new functionality can improve existing business processes.

"Improve Business Processes with Unified Communications" is available in PDF format and it is free to users for a limited time.

This was last published in January 2008

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