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Test your knowledge of VoIP fundamentals

Do you want to test your knowledge of VoIP fundamentals and how VoIP works? Take this VoIP quiz and see what areas of voice technology elude you.

Do you want to know what sort of questions will be on Cisco's CCIE Collaboration exam? How about an academic VoIP certificate program? Or, do you just want to make sure you fully grasp the basics of how VoIP works to make sure you are getting all the benefits this communication service has to offer?

Whether you're preparing for a VoIP certification examination or you want to test your own knowledge of VoIP fundamentals and how VoIP works, this 10-question quiz covering everything from VoIP protocols to troubleshooting call quality will help you nail down the basics of this voice communication technology. 

See what areas of voice over IP you need to learn more about.

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