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Take this WebRTC architecture quiz to boost your tech skills

The WebRTC architecture demands widespread knowledge of different computer science disciplines. Take this quiz to test your WebRTC technical expertise.

At just 5 years old, Web Real-Time Communications is a rather new technology. It has come a long way since its inception, but it still has some growing up to do.

More recently, in the past several months, I've noticed huge gaps among WebRTC adopters' understanding of the technology. This disparity stems from the fact that truly understanding WebRTC architecture sits at the intersection of the internet, voice over IP (VoIP) and mobility. That intersection requires knowledge of many computer science disciplines, including audio and video compression, real-time networking, VoIP, software development and web development, just to name a few.

These gaps in understanding WebRTC architecture haven't been filled in the past five years, but rather the opposite is true. The more people look at WebRTC, the less experience they seem to have in the gamut of disciplines necessary. This disconnect is probably due to the rising popularity of WebRTC as a technology, coupled with the large and growing number of software tools that make WebRTC easier to use and adopt.

WebRTC architecture enables the use of real-time voice and video communications inside web browsers without the need for added installations. To test your WebRTC technical knowledge, take this 10-question quiz:

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What questions do you have about the WebRTC architecture?
what is the relation between webrtc and HLS (or MPEG-DASH).
In other words, is it possible to send MPEG_DASH contents using webrtc or not.
HLS and WebRTC are rather unrelated, though they can be used together.

HLS and MPEG-DASH are protocols that enable streaming of media. They do so with an inherent delay in the protocol of 10 or more seconds.

WebRTC is geared towards real time sending and doing that at as little delay as possible.

In both you can send voice and video. You can take content and send it over WebRTC or over HLS/MPEG-DASH.

You can create content using WebRTC and send it over HLS/MPEG-DASH.