• Reality Check: What Avaya's Nortel acquisition means for customers

    Avaya's $900 million acquisition of Nortel's enterprise division will affect all of Nortel's customers and partners, as well as Avaya's. Find out what Avaya is getting in the deal and how Nortel customers can prepare for the coming months.

  • The benefits of linking VoIP islands

    In this podcast, industry expert Jon Arnold explains how voice-centric IP PBXs are limited compared with converged communications, which can integrate other modes such as video, chat, email and so on. Learn about the importance of SIP trunking and how enterprises can expect end-to-end IP to become more of a reality, as well as financial ROI and some of the other factors that should be considered when linking VoIP islands.

  • Reality Check podcasts

    Our Reality Check podcast series delivers an honest look at unified communications technology without hype or buzz.

  • Reality Check: What the Avaya-Nortel news means for voice customers

    Avaya's $475 million bid for Nortel's enterprise division will affect all of Nortel's customers and partners, as well as Avaya's. In this podcast, recorded in the wake of the Nortel bankruptcy, learn what the Avaya-Nortel takeover may mean for Nortel voice customers.

  • Reality Check: Top Twitter tips and the best Twitter tools

    Twitter has caught on like a wildfire, and you can leverage the social networking tool to promote your business or company. Get some top Twitter tips and learn about the best Twitter tools.

  • Reality Check: Five things you should know about SIP

    Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is an integral part of unified communications (UC). In this edition of Reality Check, industry expert Jon Arnold discusses five things you should know about SIP.

  • Reality Check: Should you invest in IP PBX now, later or not at all?

    In this podcast, Tony Bradley discusses the importance of IP PBXs and the future of PBXs in unified communications (UC). He also discusses how top UC vendors (Microsoft, IBM, Nortel, etc.) view the IP PBX as part of a UC strategy, and the best practices in an IP PBX deployment.

  • Reality Check: Can you have UC without VoIP/IP PBX?

    In this podcast, Tony Bradley discusses what unified communications (UC) really means and whether or not VoIP/IP PBX is a prerequisite. Tony also examines the process of implementing UC and explains why he favors a phased process over a full deployment.

  • Podcast: Unified communications: A practical approach

    In this podcast, Gary Audin and Kate Dostart engage in a 'Fact or Fiction' conversation to dispel some common myths and misconceptions about unified communications architecture, security and vendors.

  • What is a VoIP media gateway?

    In this Whatis.com podcast, learn about the four protocols that keep VoIP working -- H.323, SIP, MGCP and MEGACO.

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