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Vendors Debate: How can you make your UC deployment a success?

Representitives from Avaya and Dialcom discuss their strategies for deploying unified communications and getting a real return on investment.

Should enterprises feel good about the value unified communications is bringing to their business? If not, why? That was the question we posed to two leading vendors in the market. While the first answer from both was the same (no), they both offered different takes on why companies have been slow to adopt unified communications, and how enterprises can leverage the technology to give them a real business advantage. We have two podcasts on the subject. The first podcast features Shane Yu, director of Unified Communications Consulting Services with Avaya, and the second is with Bob Johnson, president and COO of Dialcom.

Click the Play button to hear Avaya's take on Unified Communication Deployments, or right click to download

Click the Play button to hear Dialcom's take on Unified Communication Deployments, or right click to download

This was last published in August 2008

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