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Reality Check: What the Avaya-Nortel news means for voice customers

Avaya's $475 million bid for Nortel's enterprise division will affect all of Nortel's customers and partners, as well as Avaya's. In this podcast, recorded in the wake of the Nortel bankruptcy, learn what the Avaya-Nortel takeover may mean for Nortel voice customers.

The Nortel bankruptcy has rocked the networking world since it was announced in January 2009. With vendors snapping up Nortel's divisions, it came as no surprise when Avaya made a $475 million bid for Nortel's enterprise division. But what does this possible Avaya-Nortel deal mean for Nortel's voice customers?

In this month's edition of Reality Check, we sat down with Michael Morisy, news writer for SearchUnifiedCommunications.com, who has been covering this story and hearing from analysts since the beginning of the Nortel fall. Michael discusses how this will affect voice customers, including how they might need to alter their purchasing cycles and wait to see what products will continue to be sold through the new Avaya-Nortel body. Be sure to listen to the podcast for more valuable advice from Michael as voice customers navigate their way through the Nortel bankruptcy.

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Reality Check: What the Avaya-Nortel news means for voice customers
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