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Reality Check: Should you invest in IP PBX now, later or not at all?

In this podcast, Tony Bradley discusses the importance of IP PBXs and the future of PBXs in unified communications (UC). He also discusses how top UC vendors (Microsoft, IBM, Nortel, etc.) view the IP PBX as part of a UC strategy, and the best practices in an IP PBX deployment.

As companies decide whether to deploy an IP PBX, maintain a traditional PBX or deploy a hybrid PBX, it's important to understand the investment required, as well as the future of the vendor solutions and how they fit into unified communications (UC) strategies. In this edition of Reality Check, Tony Bradley, UC expert and author of the upcoming Unified Communications for Dummies, discusses the investment an IP PBX can require, as well as the future of PBXs. In the podcast, Tony compares different vendors' future plans for VoIP and how those plans are linked with IP PBXs and to an overall UC strategy. He also discusses best practices for an IP PBX deployment.

For more information on UC, check out Tony's blog.

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Reality Check: Should you invest in IP PBX now, later or not at all?
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