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Reality Check: Enterprise IM security and social networking security

With the rise of social networking and other forms of communication such as enterprise-level instant messaging (IM), security problems like malware, viruses and data leakage can harm any enterprise network. In this podcast, our expert discusses best practices for ensuring safe enterprise IM practices and social networking security.

With forms of communication such as instant messaging (IM) and social networking like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn becoming more popular in enterprises, the possibility of security breaches is growing. If you are responsible for an enterprise network, you had better make sure you're ready to tackle enterprise IM security issues, such as breaches and policies, as well as social networking security problems. Should you ban social networking for your users? What are the best practices for preventing data leakage and malware?

In this month's edition of Reality Check, we sat down with Tony Bradley, one of our UC experts, to discuss the topics of enterprise IM security and social networking security. We asked Tony whether or not social networking sites belong in the workplace, and how to prevent hacks and breaching. In the podcast, Tony discusses best practices when trying to maintain IM security and social networking sites' security. For more best practices in social networking, check out our Reality Check on using Twitter and a blog entry on Facebook best practices.

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