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Five video conferencing tools you didn't know you had


Exploring the little-known video conferencing features

Source:  iStock
Visual Editor: Sarah Evans

Most people are familiar with the basic video conferencing features -- such as screen sharing and meeting recording -- which can foster employee collaboration and productivity. But some other features are available that offer greater opportunities for collaboration and give hosts better tools for managing video meetings.

Some users may not realize that these other features are available in their video conferencing tools and how their meetings could benefit from using them. These video conferencing features include real-time collaboration tools, like annotations and whiteboards, and other tools that simplify meeting management.

Users may find that video conferencing vendors take different approaches to certain features. These approaches are shaped by how the vendors view the collaboration needs of their users and how they address those needs.

In this photo story, learn about some of the lesser-known video conferencing features that are available in popular conferencing services, and how video conferencing vendors approach these features to enhance collaboration and improve video meeting productivity.

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