Top cloud-based telephony and UC providers


8x8, Inc. enters orgs into the 'Virtual Office' enterprise

8x8, Inc. is a California-based telephony and UC services provider with deep roots in digital telephony development. The company comes at its cloud-based offerings from a decade of experience in designing and perfecting VoIP-based virtual PBX solutions, and has worked to integrate UC technologies into its platforms from the ground up. The company has a Virtual Office Pro bundle that adds numerous productivity tools to typical telephony and UC capabilities, including Web conferencing, video call support, Internet-based fax transmission and reception, and digital call recording (with integrated storage for voice and video along with text- and media-based files). Other interesting features include:

  • skills-based calling or chat routing to direct callers to agents with specific tagged skill sets;
  • multi-media queuing to enable easy distributions of phone, e-mail, and chat interactions; and
  • voice or video broadcasting to send non-traditional media to distribution lists.
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