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SaaS-collaboration integrations: Let's talk, cloud to cloud

It's time for clouds to get social. SaaS-collaboration integrations can ease multicloud woes in the enterprise and may ultimately boost the bottom line.

While we often speak of the cloud as a single entity, the reality is far more complex. In fact, by some counts, the average business today has real estate in six different clouds, with workers hopping from one to the other depending on the task at hand. And should employees need to transfer data from their unified communications-as-a-service platform to a business-critical software-as-a-service application, for example, they might well have to do it manually. Hardly an efficient SaaS-collaboration cloud workflow, and one markedly prone to human error.

That's the bad news. The good news is some UCaaS vendors are beginning to integrate their platforms with SaaS apps such as Salesforce, enabling automatic information-sharing between their respective clouds ("UCaaS-to-SaaS Integration Offers Competitive Edge"). In the latest edition of Network Evolution, we speak with one early adopter that believes the SaaS-collaboration cloud integration will take its sales teams' game to the next level.

Also in this issue, we explore the controversial topic of white-box switches ("White-Box Switches Save Green, but Aren't for Everyone"). Some experts say their benefits are mostly mythical, while others claim they will revolutionize enterprise networking. We'll fill you in and let you decide.

And finally, fog is in the forecast: As the internet of things grows, network and compute power could creep toward the edge, allowing more efficient data processing in or near IoT devices themselves ("In Space Between Cloud and Edge, Fog Rolls In").

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