Broader video conferencing options help meet user needs

With an ever-growing range of video conferencing options to meet a diverse range of needs, there's no reason to treat end users like a hive mind anymore.

There's no shortage of references to Star Trek in the world of video conferencing.

A video conferencing screen takes center stage in one of the most iconic moments of the long-running sci-fi series. The Borg, a race of cyborgs that forces captives to become part of its hive mind, attacks the crew of the Enterprise. All seems lost when Captain Picard is captured and assimilated during a failed mission to stop them. Back on the Enterprise, the video screen (high definition, naturally) pops up with a message from the enemy. A Borg-ified Picard appears on screen and threatens the crew with the now-classic line, "Resistance is futile."

It's a fitting reference, actually, considering that many enterprises that haven't taken advantage of all the video conferencing options out there made the mistake of treating their users like they're the Borg -- one collective identity without individual requirements and workflows.

The reality is that you can't install video conferencing systems in a few conference rooms, call it a day, and expect rave reviews. There's a wide variety of video conferencing options out there, and as we explore in this edition of Network Evolution, it takes a nuanced approach to ensure success ("Benefits of video conferencing unlock with flexible setups").

Also in this issue, find out what it takes to run a network where the wired network plays second fiddle ("As mobility grows, enterprises assess wireless-first designs"). Networking pros also weigh in on working for an enterprise versus a service provider, as some distinct differences may influence your next job move ("Jobs in networking: Enterprises vs. service providers").

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