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Ubiety Room launches for interoperable cloud video conferencing

Collaboration Squared launches its Ubiety Room cloud video conferencing service that promises interoperability without having to buy additional hardware.

Collaboration Squared has announced the launch of its Ubiety Room cloud video conferencing service and app that can turn a meeting room-based desktop into an interoperable video conferencing system.

Collaboration Squared CEO Daryl Hutchings said the software-based Ubiety Room fills a gap for organizations that don't want to spend a lot of money filling their meeting rooms with costly video conferencing endpoints.

With Ubiety Room, users can turn PC, Mac and Chromebox desktops connected to displays into video conferencing endpoints that can support calls of up to 25 participants. Ubiety Room users can make video calls to each other and to and from traditional endpoints like Cisco, Polycom and Lifesize, and bridging services like Blue Jeans.

Ubiety Room includes a virtual meeting room for ad hoc calls. And while Ubiety Room includes a bridging capability, organizations can also use existing bridging services they may have through Cisco or Blue Jeans, Hutchings said.

Nemertes Vice President Irwin Lazar said there has been a lot of interest in the Ubiety cloud collaboration platform as a bridge between Microsoft and Cisco environments to allow users to access meetings through whatever client they're using or through a Web browser.

Ubiety Room offers capabilities that similar vendors, like Blue Jeans, don't have, such as Web conferencing and video conferencing interoperability for collaboration services like Cisco Jabber, he said.

"Ubiety provides an alternate solution that can more natively integrate with the client you have," Lazar said.

Lazar said Ubiety also has an advantage over other services because it supports a hybrid model. Hutchings said Collaboration Squared can put a VMware-based on-premises node on a customer's network and all the Ubiety bridging that happens internally resides in that internal node, removing network and bandwidth constraints.

Ubiety Room is available now and retails starting at $99 per room per month.

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