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Jive social software boasts more metrics for targeted communications

Jive social software is delivering more relevant content to administrators and users with an updated homepage, analytics and integrations.

Jive Software recently updated its cloud-based applications for helping companies connect with people in and outside of an organization. The latest versions of Jive-n and Jive-x include revamped news homepages, metrics for focusing communications on the right audience, and deeper integrations with Google and Microsoft.

The upgrades provide users with the same experience, whether they use Jive social software from the browser or on a mobile device. Enhancements include giving marketing teams more control over content to provide users with the most relevant information, said Angela Ashenden, analyst for MWD Advisors.

The latest version of Jive-n, which was formally known as Jive Present, borrows capabilities from the recently introduced Jive Daily mobile news app for internal employee communications. The latest platform features an updated news homepage that can be tailored by administrators according to an organization's needs. HR departments, for example, can auto-subscribe the entire company or target a subset of employees with specific news. They can also prioritize content on the homepage, such as executive blogs.

The news homepage helps businesses disseminate important information to employees quickly while avoiding the risk of having it buried in an inbox. "Jive-n customers start their days by checking this platform, and checking in throughout the day. It gives employees the most relevant content based on who they are," said Colleen Jansen, Jive's vice president of marketing.

Administrators have access to expanded performance analytics, including the number of views each piece of content receives and which content employees are subscribing to. While Jive-n offered limited insight into user engagement before, "these updates make it much easier to see which news items are getting people's attention," Ashenden said.

"We expect in our personal lives that our [social sites'] newsfeeds will serve us up relevant content without us having to dig for it, and that is an experience employees want at work, too," Jansen said.

In addition to support for Office 365, Jive-n has furthered its integration with Microsoft with a new Jive Connector for SharePoint. This enhancement helps Jive-n support claims-based authentication, an industry standard security protocol for authenticating users, in this case for connecting to SharePoint. The Jive Connector for Google Docs has also been updated to include instant synchronization with Google Drive files and impact metrics for administrators to measure the reach of shared documents.

Jive-x, the platform for external communications, has also been refreshed. Administrators or marketing managers will now have deeper visibility into their community interactions via new integration with marketing automation software provider Marketo.

The integration provides analytics and insight into message relevance, participation and interaction from the business' user community. It will also provide details regarding website activity, so that businesses can change their messages or campaigns based on user metrics. Businesses can also create specific user groups to push out the most relevant information to the right users, like providing specific product information to a group of existing customers, Jansen said.

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