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3CLogic adds WebRTC to its contact center services

3CLogic is introducing WebRTC into its portfolio of cloud-based contact center services for click-to-call functionality without the use of plug-ins.

3CLogic plans to use Web real-time communications in its cloud-based contact center service to let customers add browser-based click-to-call and chat features on their websites.

Beginning this spring, 3CLogic will provide widgets that customers can embed in their sites so visitors can reach a call center agent from their PCs, tablets or mobile devices. The communication apps will not require a plug-in on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The feature won't be available for Microsoft Internet Explorer, which does not support Web real-time communications (WebRTC).

3CLogic plans to roll out the WebRTC-enabled features during a product upgrade in March, said Raj Sharma, president and chief operating officer of 3CLogic. The company plans to release a widget for online video conferencing in the third quarter.

The 3CLogic software adds another communication option for call center agents. The vendor's service also supports traditional telephone calls. 3CLogic runs its software on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a platform as a service (PaaS) cloud. The contact center service can be integrated with cloud-based customer relationship management products like

Baking WebRTC into contact center services benefits customers, consumers

The 3CLogic customer can save money on contact center calls because WebRTC-initiated communications don't rely on a voice plan with a carrier, said Ken Landoline, principal analyst for Current Analysis Inc. "WebRTC-based interactions don't require buy-in with a [telephony provider]," he said.

The contact center experience will also be improved from an end-user experience perspective, Landoline said. Calls and chats originating from the Web allow call center agents to see where consumers are on the website when they reach out for help, providing context to the agent.

"The agent has necessary data points about the consumer to make that call successful, and based on that, there can be more of a meaningful conversation for better customer service," Sharma said.

The WebRTC standard, though not formally ratified by the Internet Engineering Task Force and the

World Wide Web Consortium yet, is already being adopted. 3CLogic is joining the ranks of other contact center service providers, such as LiveOps and Genesys, which offer multichannel contact center features bolstered by WebRTC.

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