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Jive social apps give users an enterprise-grade, mobile social experience

The three new Jive social mobile apps gives users an enterprise-grade social experience in a lightweight, mobile form factor.

Jive Software has introduced three mobile apps built around user demand for communication and social functionality from any location, on any device.

The new Jive social apps, Jive Daily, Jive Chime, and Jive People, are a deviation from Jive's typical portfolio of social intranet software and cloud-based collaboration platforms. While the consumer space is flooded with ad hoc social apps, Jive's social mobile apps are filling a gap in the enterprise social space, which has been primarily focused on cloud-based or premise-based platforms.

It's no secret that the enterprise social market has seen weak adoption. By offering lightweight mobile applications, businesses on the fence over whether to adopt enterprise social tools don't have to invest in, and deploy, a large platform.

"These apps aren't the mobile version of Jive, and won't compete with their own products. [The apps] are three brand new products that are based on the way people are working today," Constellation Research analyst Alan Lepofsky said.

Jive social apps provide consumer-like mobile experience

Jive's mobile apps borrow Facebook's approach to communications for consumers, with separate apps for its news feed and for its messaging functions.

Jive Daily is a real-time news feed application that allows employees to filter information and corporate communications from colleagues and executives based on their interests and needs. The application also has a browser-based administrative dashboard that provides businesses with metrics, such as how many employees are reading and participating with certain news items.

"Many emails that go out that contain corporate communications get lost in the inbox, and often are one-way. Many employees won't reply to a CEO email, so these [traditional] forms of communication are failing businesses," said Colleen Jansen, Jive's vice president of product marketing.

Jive Chime, an application that allows employees to send and receive both one-on-one and group messages, can help employees get in touch more quickly, without sending an email or jumping on the phone.

Chime will provide a way for employees to enjoy the benefits of texting, but with enterprise-grade security. Additionally, employees won't have to share their personal cell phone numbers using Chime, Jansen said.

Jive People, a compliment to Jive Chime, is a corporate directory in app form. Jive People can integrate with an enterprise's active directory for up-to-date information on colleagues, such as names, locations, departments, and expertise so employees can then connect with colleagues using the Jive Chime app.

Jive Daily will be available for download February 18 in the Apple App Store, and Google Play for Android devices, with Jive Chime and People to follow in Q2 and Q3, respectively. The three apps can be purchased and used independently, or in tandem with one another. As the products are rolled out, deeper integrations between the three apps will be introduced down the road, Lepofsky said.

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