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Updated Jive Present, JiveX offer better collaboration

Jive updated its cloud-based tools, including Jive Present and JiveX, for better mobility. It also unveiled early Cisco integrations.

Jive Software has updated it internal social collaboration tools for a better mobile experience and added better influencer tracking and CRM integration for its cloud-based, external social media platform. Jive also announced its first native integrations between Jive's social tools and Cisco's WebEx and Jabber platforms.

Jive Present, JiveX updated for improved internal, external communication

Jive's cloud-based social collaboration  updates include a refresh to Jive Present, a mobile application that now allows sales teams to access applications -- like Salesforce and their calendars -- for merging meeting invites and contact details, regardless of whether they are online or offline on iPhones, as well as iPads and Android tablets.

Users can add content from their Jive community platform to Jive Present, the company said. Jive also optimized its platforms for viewing from a mobile browser.

Jive users can now personalize the content on their internal homepages using the new "Your View" feature to categorize, navigate and share information on their feeds. "As [Jive] communities become more engaging and interactive, we had to help filter and display only the information that is important to that employee, so now we are giving them the ability to tune that experience," said Clara Liang, vice president of product management for Jive.

The retail marketing department of Bluegreen Vacations Inc., a Boca Raton, Fla.-based timesharing company uses Jive for its internal communications. Approximately 600 users are on the cloud-based Jive platform Circles, with the majority being sales representatives, said Jessica de la Torre, marketing manager at Bluegreen Vacations. The sales reps are often mobile when selling vacations, closing deals in shopping centers and at sporting events. They rely on the Jive platform for their day-to-day jobs. "These sales reps don’t have a company email address, and are using Jive to get the information they need, and to communicate with their peers," de la Torre said.

The Jive Present mobile app is particularly helpful to these many sales reps, and the optimized mobile view is helping these users take advantage of the Jive platform fully from their mobile devices and tablets, which was a struggle in the past, she said.

Bluegreen employees have also started using the "Your View" feature to tailor their experiences to their personal needs, de la Torre said. "In addition to streamlining their views, users are really excited to be able to update their profiles from their mobile devices, which is something they couldn’t do from the [Jive Present] app before," she said.

Jive also announced updates to JiveX cloud, its cloud-based external community platform that businesses can use to engage with customers and partners.  While not every business needs a platform for external communication, being able to quickly support a community for customers and partners without any infrastructure can help build brand affinity for consumer-facing companies, Jive's Liang said.

JiveX updates include enhancements to its Sentiment and Influencer Reports for community managers, which can be used to boost visibility of a businesses' key influencers in the community in order to adjust marketing or customer support efforts. The JiveX CRM Connector has also been improved for better connectivity with CRM systems, including the ability to search community content directly from a CRM system to learn about specific customers or conversations, the company said. Similar to the updates to Jive’s cloud-based platform for internal communications, JiveX has also been optimized for a more responsive mobile experience for users.

"Online customer communities provide tremendous [return on investment] ROI to brands that invest in them for cross-lifecycle engagement, and JiveX has a solid set of capabilities to enable this," said Kim Celestre, senior analyst for Cambridge, Mass.-based Forrester Research. "[Many] companies that already run Jive for employee collaboration will find JiveX to be an attractive option."

Early Jive/Cisco integrations a good first step

Cisco recently dropped its WebEx Social platform and teamed up with Jive to improve its social strategy. Jive introduced Jive Connector -- its first native integrations between Jive's cloud-based platforms and Cisco's WebEx online conferencing technology and Jabber instant messaging. The click-to-launch integrations allow joint Cisco and Jive customers to connect into each vendor’s platform.

"Now you can mouse over someone’s profile, and initiate a real-time communication through to WebEx and Jabber, from the Jive interface. It makes a meeting a one-click experience," Jive's Liang said.

The first integration steps were expected and necessary in order to start blurring the lines between UC and social collaboration, said Rob Koplowitz, vice president for Forrester Research. "The fact that these tools are separate today is a result of legacy software, not user needs. Workers want all of the tools they need integrated in context, accessible wherever and whenever they need them. For Cisco UC/ Jive customers, this integration will begin to make good on that promise," he said.

But the future of the Jive and Cisco partnership will need to go past communication integration, Koplowitz said. "If these two vendors continue to get closer, they'll need an answer for content. Jive partners with Box, DropBox and others, [which] could be the answer, particularly if Cisco jumps on board," he said.

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