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'Cake Boss' adopts Avaya video conferencing for confection consultations

The IT director of Carlo's Bakery, or TLC's 'Cake Boss,' describes the company's deployment of Avaya video conferencing and IP Office integration.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Carlo's Bakery, aka the home of TLC's Cake Boss, is no longer a mom and pop operation. With six retail outlets in New Jersey and New York, as well as a Web presence, Carlo's Bakery has adopted Avaya's IP Office suite to replace a legacy PBX system that was holding the expanding enterprise back.

Carlo's Bakery uses IP Office to connect its disparate store locations, internal personnel, executives and call center, in addition to its bakers and designers, said Leo Minervini, IT director for Carlo's Bakery, during an interview with SearchUnifiedCommunications at Enterprise Connect 2014.

"As we grow our footprint, it's important to be able to really keep the pulse on the customer's requirements -- communication is really important between headquarters, our professional designers and sculptors, as well as the end user," he said.

When Carlo's Bakery consisted of one 3,500-square-foot Hoboken, N.J., location, the store used a traditional PBX system. The now-75,000-square-foot location needed communications that would scale along with it, Minervini said. Each of the six -- soon to be eight -- bakery locations is outfitted with Avaya IP Office, which connects each retail location to headquarters.

The company is also in the midst of a video-conferencing deployment for consultations among customers, bakers and designers.

Communications and collaboration are important for a company whose customers are consumers in more ways than one. "Customer engagement is extremely important when you're dealing with a person with a specific set of requirements. Detail is everything when we are designing cakes," he said.

In order to remove the layers of communication between the bakers and the customers, the bakery wants to put the customer directly in contact with the designer or baker via video. Minervini and his team have already completed their proof of concept with Avaya's video-conferencing offering and are looking forward to deploying the next wave of communications for its customers.

"Rather than coming into a retail store, customers will be able to come in through video with their Pinterest and Instagram photos … to help us help them design a cake for their events," he said.

For more details on Carlo's Bakery's video deployment, check out SearchUnifiedCommunications' interview with Minervini at Enterprise Connect 2014.

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