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Video: Product demos from Microsoft, NEC and Mitel

Microsoft, NEC and Mitel were happy to show off their new product offerings in these videos shot at this spring's VoiceCon 2008 in Orlando.

While walking the exhibition floor at VoiceCon Orlando 2008, we asked some of the top vendors in the unified communications industry to demonstrate their products. Click these links to see video of Microsoft, NEC and Mitel showing our cameras the ins and outs of their technology.

Mitel demonstrates Sun Ray Unified IP Client
This product grew out of Mitel's global OEM agreement with Sun Microsystems. Mitel has created a slim module version of the Sun Ray thin client that snaps securely onto Mitel IP phones. Users can log into either Mitel IP phones or Sun Ray thin client terminals using an ID card, and they can access voice and data services from any workstation on the network.
Click to watch the demo video

NEC demonstrates fixed-mobile convergence at VoiceCon Orlando 2008
NEC showcased this technology along with its new unified communications clients for enterprises and SMBs at its booth. The application can be installed on BlackBerrys and on HTC devices. When installed, the application takes over the native operation of the phone.
Click to watch the demo video

NEC demonstrates UC for Business at VoiceCon 2008
UC for Business, which runs on NEC's IP PBX products, is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. It can integrate with Microsoft Outlook or operate on its own.
Click here to watch the demo video

Microsoft demonstrates RoundTable videoconferencing device
The RoundTable device is essentially a conference room phone with several video cameras mounted on it. The cameras integrate to give a panoramic view of a room. It integrates with Office Communications Server or Microsoft Live Meeting to give participants a full view of a meeting room. Directional microphones in the base of the device enable a second screen in the interface to automatically focus on individuals while they are speaking.
Click here to watch the demo video

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